3 Days in Long Beach: What to See, Do and Eat

Hiya, angels! Happy Friday! Nearly two weeks ago I came back to snow-ridden Minnesota after traveling to sunny (yet, rainy) Los Angeles and Long Beach. The first three days were spent in Long Beach, a suburb of LA, and the final three were spent wandering around the lively city. Since this post was going to practically be a novel if I included both LA and Long Beach in it, I’ve decided to break the post up into two. So without further ado, here’s your weekend guide to Long Beach!

Where to Stay

Long Beach, a suburb about 40-minutes out of DTLA, is full of life and the best place to be apart of the liveliness is the Long Beach Marriott. The hotel is in the center of LB and just a few minutes away from beach galore. The hotel itself was great — with a Starbucks, an indoor and outdoor pool, Mexican fare and outdoor bonfire pits, LB Marriott has everything.

What to See

While LB itself doesn’t have too much going on (except for the miles of gorgeous sand + ocean!), we went to surrounding neighborhoods that had a lot to do! But, we did find the cutest little secondhand shop in LB that donates a large majority of profits to the AIDS healthcare foundation! Out of the Closet (#OTC) is the friendliest, cutest, “best kept secret” of all Long Beach!

Out of all the beaches to pick from, we wound up at the Long Beach Pier, which has amazing gift shops and restaurants, and Long Beach City Beach for an even better sunset.

Outside of LB, we traveled over to Cosa Mesa for the South Coast Plaza Mall — obviously to visit the KKW Beauty pop-up! Though my younger brother was hesitant, he actually ended up enjoying the interactive experience of the store! It was such a beautiful, immersive store. If you’re ever in the area when Kim or Kylie has a pop-up, I strongly recommend visiting it!

Finally, my favorite tourist-y destination was in Downtown Disney in Anaheim! It’s about 30-minutes out of LB, and the entrance to Disneyland. While we didn’t visit Disney itself ($108 per ticket say what!?), Downtown Disney was just as cool of an experience! We even got to see the fireworks at the end of the evening! If you’re contemplating going to Downtown Disney, I’d say totally do it!

Where to Eat

So, LB has sooo many good eats — but we didn’t just stick to Long Beach! We went to so many restaurants and coffee shops, it’s hard to keep count. But, at the very top of the list, is Sidecar Doughnuts. Sitting in a Cosa Mesa strip mall, this cafe has the best doughnuts… hands. down. Honestly, I’ve never tasted a more delectable treat in my life. We ordered too many to count, including the Red Wine Chocolate (my fav!), Raspberry Balsamic and Maple Bacon.

Of course, we went to In N Out (this was actually our first stop, even before the hotel!)… And OMG how have I gotten this far in life without trying it?! I know it’s just a simple burger, but it was just so. good.

We also had some Spanish fare at Los Compadres (which was delicious) and stopped by Starbucks a few too many times! But we also had Coffee Bean just as many times. Alongside the Long Beach pier, we stopped by the little shops + restaurants and wound up at Tugboat Pete’s Hot Dog Stand, which was your average, tasty hot dog.

Steelcraft, in Bixby Knolls, was a lunch destination that did not disappoint. The entire place is made up of 5-6 restaurants that are all located in shipping containers! Think food truck, but a shipping container instead. Steelcraft was incredible and the food was so so good! This was probably one of my favorite lunch spots!

Where’s your favorite travel destination? Drop me a comment below!

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