Duluth Travel Guide

 Sure. I’m built for the city, I think. But, even if that is true, I still have a passion for hiking, climbing, biking, and getting dirty in outdoor adventures. And believe it or not, being up north is one of my favorite places to be (at least in chilly ole’ Minnesota)! If you’re traveling up north, keep reading for my Duluth travel guide!

Hailey Almsted smiling and laughing while taking a picture at Lake Superior in Duluth.

 I went to Duluth, Minnesota (which, if you don’t know, is about two hours south of Canada) for a girls trip with my mom, celebrating her 40th birthday, and sister. Though the weekend was slightly chilly, with temperatures sitting at a cool 50° at the beginning of our trip, sunburn wasn’t out of the question. Yes. We (all of us) actually got sunburned on our final day of the trip, when it was around 65°.

Day One

We drove up from the Twin Cities, which is about three hours away. But, with multiple stops (including a coffee run, of course), we arrived at our hotel about three and a half hours later. It was nearly time for dinner, so to Tavern on the Hill, an American-styled restaurant, we went. Two macaroni & cheese dishes, two orders of (delicious) fries, one burger, and one salad later, we were quite full, possibly even stuffed. And this was just the beginning of our food adventure. However, wanting to relax the rest of the evening, we headed to the sauna, my personal favorite part of the day.

Hailey Almsted sitting and smiling at Lake Superior in Duluth.
Hailey Almsted smiling in front of the Duluth Lighthouse on Lake Superior.

Day Two

The next day was an adventure none of us expected. We began the day at Duluth Coffee Company, which had the most delicious chai tea I could’ve asked for. Though we were unaware that this was solely a coffee shop, considering most of the independent shops in the Cities also carries bakery items, I was thrown for a loop when I noticed there wasn’t any food on site.

So, after our coffee excursion, we took a slight detour and found our way at Anchors End, a local tattoo parlor. (Side note: this isn’t a completely random tattoo parlor, I have gotten most of my tattoos from this shop!) The waiting list was well over 20-30 people, which led us to think that we wouldn’t get a callback after we added our names to the bottom. With that thought in mind, we headed to Pizza Luce for brunch. This was definitely the most interesting meal I’d eaten, considering my sister and I had pizza for “dessert,” following a mimosa. Nonetheless, it was delicious.

We shopped around the cutest downtown area. I picked up a new Himalayan salt lamp and a few incense sticks. A few hours later, when we were just about to walk out our hotel door for dinner, an unexpected call came in that we were next for tattoos. So, we traded in our dinner reservation for tattoos. About an hour later, my sister and I walked out with new pieces of art scrawled across our bodies. While this meant no sauna for me (which, I was fairly disappointed about), I was thrilled with my new work. The rest of our Saturday evening consisted of pizza, drinks, and chick flicks on E!

Day Three

Our final day in Duluth took us for a turn. It was sunny and nearly 70° out. The beaming sun left us with sunburns across our shoulders and face. However, we began the day at Protein Pub, a local protein shake shop. Quite honestly, this had to be my favorite food stop of the trip. I ordered a Raspberry Energizer Shake, which was packed full of nutrients, protein, and caffeine. Not only was it delicious, but I felt great drinking it.

We headed over to Canal Park, which is right on the shores of Lake Superior. A few shops later, we were ready to eat one last delicious meal. Little Angie’s Cantina and Grill should probably change their name, considering my sister had ordered a margarita that was larger than her head. Though it was delicious, it took all three of us to finish the drink. Our final destination was the lighthouse, where I took about a million pictures. Then, back to the cities we went.

A compass tattoo courtesy of Anchors End Tattoo in Duluth, MN.

If you’re looking for a small-town getaway, Duluth is the place to go. Not only is it actually a rather small-town (in Minnesota terms, that is), it is rather used to the tourists. But, the city didn’t feel “touristy” at all, which was great. And, while this wasn’t my first time there, it’s always a pleasure going up there. (Check out my other travel guides here!)

Xoxo, Hailey

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