7 Bucket-List Things to Do in Denver

Seven things that are must see and do in Denver, CO! From hiking to the International Church of Cannabis.


Target Sandal Picks

The 10 cutest sandals and wedges of the season — all from Target!


Finding A Balance Between Blogging and School

Hey angels! I am so excited to be writing this post because I feel like it couldn’t be better timing. I’m here to answer my most asked question – “How do you balance blogging and school?” I’m currently in my…


A Weekend in Los Angeles: An LA Itinerary

Hey babes! Happy Friday! I’m so excited to be writing part 2 of my LA travel guide… The first part, a 3-day guide to Long Beach, went up a few days ago and now I have what you’ve all been…


3 Days in Long Beach: What to See, Do and Eat

The ultimate 3-day guide to Long Beach. From the beaches to the eateries, here is everything to see, do and eat in Long Beach, CA.


My 4 Product Skincare Routine

Hey ladies! I’ve gotten tons of questions lately about my skin, so I’ve decided to address the main one: What do I use to clear up acne + get rid of redness and discoloration?! Skincare is an issue I’ve always…


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