2020 Goals for Myself & the Blog

Hey babes! Happy 2020 🥂 I’m in shock that we’re already in the twenties, but I guess time really does fly by when you’re older! I celebrated the new year with family and friends, which was the best way to celebrate! But I’ve also been thinking a lot about what I want to achieve in 2020, and with that being said, here are some of my 2020 goals!

Hailey Almsted standing in front of snowy trees.


2020 is gonna be the year we hit 10K on Instagram, I’m telling you! That’s my biggest blog goal, since Instagram is such an impactful media when it comes to blogging. But I also want to pay more attention to my Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest! I’m also hoping to take a Pinterest course!

As for my actual blog, my main goal is to post 2x per week. This may not seem like a lot to some, but going from 1-2 blog posts during a month to 8-9 posts is pretty drastic. I know I can do it though, especially since I just completed a whole month of #Blogmas!


As for myself, I really want to become more “in tune” with my body. By that, I mean continuing to exercise and treat my body better than I did in 2019! No more binge-snacking, unhealthy eating (only sometimes!) or excessive pop drinking. I’ve already started drinking kombucha and buying more fruits and veggies, so that’s my main goal! I also started dry brushing, dermarolling and jade rolling my body—I’ll talk more about that later.

Another personal goal is to make my bed in the morning and get out of bed when I wake up… lol! I am definitely one of those people who just lay in bed for an extra 30 mins in the morning, and I want to cut that out! I’m working on using the extra time to make my bed and eat breakfast. These might seem like too small of goals for some, but trust me… They’re huge for me!

Those are some of my main goals. Of course, I have a few others. But I’m starting with these and going from there! I hope y’all had a great new year. Share your 2020 goals with me below!

Xoxo, Hailey

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