5 Romantic and Witty Books to Bring to the Beach

I’ve always been a bookworm, that’s no secret. My favorites include the Harry Potter series (of course!), the Uglies, and The Perks of Being a Wallflower. Recently, I’ve been cozying up to witty, romance novels, such as A Little Something Different, and those of the like. So, I’ve compiled a list of my favorites and decided to share my top 5. Here are 5 recent favorites to read this summer.

A Little Something Different

From the likes of Rainbow Rowell and John Green comes this quirky romance novel about love, writing, differences and a squirrel who narrates it all. This must-read is sure to give you all of the feels.

Eleanor & Park

In Rainbow Rowell’s first published novel comes the love story of two high school misfits: Eleanor, a chubby red-head, and Park, a half-Korean boy. Through comic books and 80’s music comes the greatest high school love story of time.

All the Bright Places

Violet is the popular girl, but she struggles with survivor’s remorse. Finch is known as a freak, as a boy obsessed with death. When Finch finds himself on a ledge, Violet happens to be next to him, both contemplating whether or not to jump. Beginning as an unexpected friendship comes a mysterious relationship.


Taking us back to our days of fangirling over One Direction and Justin Bieber, Rainbow Rowell does it again with this contemporary romance novel. Set at the University of Nebraska, Cath is a freshman struggling with the separation from her twin sister, though she finds peace and solemn in writing her fan fiction.

The Fault in Our Stars

One of my favorite stories, this John Green novel is hard to put down and will surely bring tears to your eyes. When Hazel meets Augustus Waters at a cancer support group, she knows that her life has been changed forever. Follow the painfully-romantic story of Hazel and Augustus as they go through their fair share of heartbreak, romance, and tears.

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