Gift Guide for the Pets

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  1. Set of Rope Toys — What pup isn’t a fan of rope toys? This is a great gift for those tough chewers!
  2. Set of 12 Tennis Balls — Perfect for any pup, from puppies to an elder dog! I love the holiday theme, too!
  3. Holiday Stocking — The easiest gift for your pup. This holiday stocking is stocked full of goodies!
  4. 2-Pack Nyla BonesAnother good one for the tough chewers (hey, Nova!) Nyla Bones are such a favorite among pups. I’m living for the red and green too!
  5. Set of String Toys — Seriously so perfect for all cats! Kittens will surely love this, too.
  6. Holiday Stocking — Full of goodies for your cat, including play balls, fake mice and catnip toys!
  7. Dress Up & Toy Kit — If your cat doesn’t mind getting a little festive, this is the perfect gift!

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