How to Create Pinterest Pins on Canva

Hey angels! I’m back with more Pinterest tips, and this time we’re going to learn how to create Pinterest pins on Canva. In case you missed the first session, here’s a link to getting started on Pinterest.

Canva is a free graphic design platform, similar to Adobe Photoshop, where you can create logos, blog and social media graphics, pins and more. I use Canva for literally everything on my blog—from the sale graphics to Pinterest pins and board covers. It’s my go-to, and I can’t wait to show you how to use it!

Brand Kit

Before you start creating pins, Canva has this nifty tool called the “Brand Kit,” where you can save your brands color scheme, fonts, logo and more. I love the Brand Kit, it makes it super easy to create beautiful content that matches! Although options are limited when you’re using the free version of Canva, it is still better to use than not. Upgrading to Canva Pro will allow full access to the Brand Kit.

Creating Pinterest Pins

Creating pins is much easier than it looks. Canva provides a ton of easily accessible templates, where you really just have to plug in what you want.

When you first log on to Canva, go under the “Recommended for You” tab and search “Pinterest Pins” under the design anything search bar. This pulls up hundreds of pre-made Pinterest pins, where you simply just have to upload your photos and text, and voila you have a Pinterest pin!

Once you’ve found a few templates you like, start creating your pins! I recommend creating 4-5 different types of pin per blog post. Also, it’s important to use the same colors and fonts throughout every pin, your followers will consciously recognize this!

Here’s a tip: Templates with clear wording and images tend to do best. Don’t overwhelm the pin with crazy colorful or patterned images, and keep text to a minimum.

Here’s a few templates that I’ve found to perform well. (To use, simply search in the search bar for them to show up):
– Cream Beach Photo Pinterest Graphic
– Cream Photo Collage Homemakers Pinterest Graphic
– Makeup Flatlay Tutorials Hair Beauty Pinterest Graphic
– Ivory Couple Cross Lines Wedding Pinterest Graphic
– Pineapples Spring Pinterest Graphic

Uploading Pinterest Pins

Uploading Pinterest pins is not all that challenging. When you first log on, you’ll see a “Create” button on the top left. Click that and choose which type of pin you want to upload (which will most likely be the “Create Pin” button)

Upload your JPG file, title it with keywords and write a description—be sure to include the same keywords in the description, rephrased several times. Having better SEO will lead to higher views and engagement. Add your destination link (to your blog, LTK, etc.) and publish to the corresponding board!

Here’s a tip: After pinning the pin to the first board, go ahead and pin it to several other boards. For example. when I pin an outfit, I pin it to “Shop My Looks,” “Fashion and Style,” “The Blog” and my shared boards. You’ll get higher views and likely more engagement!

And that’s IT! You totally got this—but if you have questions feel free to comment below, shoot me an email or DM me on Instagram!

Xoxo, Hailey

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