How to Get Started on Pinterest

Hey babes! I’ve recently invested a ton of time into Pinterest and learning the ins and outs of the biz. Even though I’ve only been consistently pinning for a month, I’ve grown my reach by 2,200%. Read that again. I’ve grown by over TWO THOUSAND percent in just a month. So, I figured I’d share some of what I’ve learned. Here’s how to get started on Pinterest and all the Pinterest basics you need to know.

Creating your account

Whether you’re an existing member or not (which, if you are see below), it’s very important that you set up your Pinterest as a business account.

If you’re just getting started: Go to the login page and instead of signing up with Facebook/Google, click “Create a business account” This is the easiest way, and it will take you through all of the basics.

If you’re a pre-existing member: You can switch to a business account. Login to your pre-existing account, click the down arrow on the upper right hand corner to add a free business account. Click here for more help (straight from Pinterest!)

With your business account, you’ll be able to see all the stats you want—like monthly or total engagement, reach, audience and more. This is imperative for growth. Oh, and you’re able to create ads! I’ll teach you how to read your stats later, but here’s just a few things you’ll get to peek at: the age and gender of your audience; their interests broken down by category; and your performance overtime.

Creating boards + board covers

After you’ve created your account, it’s time to start building your brand. Choose a few boards that align with your brand—for example, because I’m a fashion, lifestyle and travel blogger I have the following boards:

I have the basics, such as fashion and travel, but a few more in-depth boards. Also, I have matching board covers that use my blog colors and logo. My favorite tool for creating board covers is the premade Canva logos. Not only is it free, but the site is very user-friendly and easy to learn.

Once you create your board covers (to match the name of your boards, and be sure to include your logo/website!), save it as a PNG, upload it as a pin and save it to the correlating board. To set it as the cover, click the three dots to “edit” your board—you’re able to change the cover!

Here’s a tip: keep your personal boards as “secret” boards, so you’re not clogging your feed. I highly recommend doing this instead of having two Pinterest accounts, since they frown upon that. (I have ~15 other boards, like cute dogs! But since they’re not important to my blog, I keep them to myself.)

Let’s get started!

If your account is set up, you have boards and you’ve made it look pretty, you’re ready to get started! Start by pinning other users content. Don’t worry, creating pins on Canva will be up next. Questions? Comment below! Or shoot me a DM through Instagram (@haileyalmsted) or an email at

Xoxo, Hailey

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