Let’s Talk Winter Jackets

Hey angels! If you didn’t already know, I live in chilly Minneapolis… So, winter is essentially inevitable around here. That also means that I have about 12,852,389 winter jackets.

“Just wear that one, Hailey!” is something I hear quite often from my boyfriend, mom… Just about everyone. While, they both despise my evergrowing coat collection, but I don’t let that stop me from finding my next buy. Whether it’s Target or Forever 21, I tend to purchase coats everywhere I shop.

That’s right, I’m on a jacket kick and I have been practically forever. Whether it’s 10° or 80°, you can catch me wearing some type of jacket. So, today I’m sharing a few of my favorite coats that I’ve been adoring all winter long (+ you will too, I promise!).


Fur coats are, without a doubt, all the rage this winter. I’ve spotted about a hundred different styles that I loved, but I’ve only picked up this one. This timeless jacket has softer fur and is the perfect length between a “short” coat and a longer one.

This jacket is from Target and I picked up a small. While it’s just the right size, I could’ve sized up to a medium for a bit of a longer coat. And don’t worry about this coat not being warm enough – it’s perfect for winter!


A staple item. That’s what a black parka is. If you’re living in a cold(er) climate, this is exactly the coat for you. Parkas can be paired with just about everything from a sweater and jeans to that college tee and leggings.

I actually got this parka last year as a Christmas gift but, thank goodness for Target, they still have it! Mine is a size small and fits perfectly. Trust me, this is the warm, fluffy coat of your dreams.


Okay ladies. This coat is perfect if you’re looking to be a bit on the edgier side… However, it is most definitely not the warmest coat. With that being said, this is probably more of a fall/spring option but I love to pair it with an oversized scarf during the colder months.

I actually shopped this jacket during the Forever 21 spring sale last year and snagged it for a whopping $4! I truly love a good sale. So, while this exact coat isn’t offered anymore, there’s an endless amount of the same jackets on their site (+ in stores!). With that being said, I purchased a small and it fits very TTS.


Grab one of these winter jackets while there’s still time to wear ’em! I’ve linked all three below so you can shop them! Unfortunately, the utility coat is sold out online, but I’ve linked similar options (with similar prices ranges!)

Which one is your favorite? Drop me a comment!

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