My Go-To Fall Coffee Orders

Hey loves! Happy November! I’m officially in the holiday mood, but don’t worry, I’m not skipping over Thanksgiving. Even though I love to order an iced-something during the chilly season, I’ve been opting for a hot drink much more lately. Here’s my favorite fall coffee orders.

Pumpkin Chai Latte

This is my favorite for fall—and it’s perfect iced or hot. To order at Starbucks, ask for a grande chai (iced or hot) with whole milk and 2 shots of pumpkin. Anything more than two shots, you won’t be able to taste the chai. If you’re getting it iced, ask for light ice! You get almost double the drink.

To DIY this drink, head to Target and pick up the Tazo Pumpkin Spice Chai mix. It’s the same thing they use at Starbucks (maybe even better!) Then mix half part milk (I opt for whole milk) with half part chai mix, and sprinkle some cinnamon on top. So delicious.

Peppermint Chai Latte

Here’s my holiday chai. It’s basically the same as above, just swap the pumpkin flavoring for peppermint. I also wouldn’t recommend ordering this iced, but that’s just my opinion. The peppermint flavor is definitely strong, so if you want to taste more chai, opt for only 1 shot of flavor. If you’re ordering a venti, I’d shoot for 3 flavor shots, and only 1 flavor shot for a tall. It’s basically Christmas in a cup.

Hot Chocolate

Okay, this is clearly a no brainer. If you’re ordering from Starbucks, ask for the hot choco to be extra hot (otherwise it cools down way too fast!) and get whipped topping. For Caribou, I love to do white chocolate instead of milk, it adds so much flavor! And to spice it up even more, ask for peppermint shots at either Starbucks or Caribou.

For a delicious homemade hot choco, follow this recipe. I live for a crockpot hot chocolate! There’s truly nothing like it.

The Medicine Ball

If you’re sick (or getting sick) I highly highly highly recommend the medicine ball. It’s the perfect throat-coating, cough-suppressing tea ever. I swear by it. Ask for the medicine ball from Starbucks, and get it double-cupped otherwise you risk burning your hands. To mimic the medicine ball, grab your favorite hot tea and add lemonade and tons of honey. You can thank me later!


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