Sleep Remedies I Swear by!

We’re in the dead of winter, and I’ve already been over-sleeping. You know, sleep wayyy too much because of how dark it is outside? Yep. But this year, I’m combating my sleepiness with these sleep remedies.

Get off the phone!

I’m sure you’ve heard this before, but getting off your phone (or any technology, including TV!) is the best way to start sleeping better. Try to stay off all tech 30 minutes before you head to bed. This is a good time to check in with yourself, your partner, pet, parents, whoever it may be.

Ask this person how their day was; the highs and lows, something that stood out to them. Ask them for their 3 gratitudes, what are they thankful for today? Take the time to go over your day, whether with yourself or someone else. It’s the best!

Take some melatonin (and CBD)!

I never used to take melatonin until I started waking up randomly in the middle of the night. Now, I absolutely swear by it. I use the Target-brand melatonin gummies, but Olly vitamins also have super good melatonin!

For an extra kick, try Sunday Scaries CBD melatonin gummies. CBD doesn’t have THC (so you won’t get high!) but it does have relaxants that calm down your body, anxiety, muscles, anything it may be. It’s a lifesaver.

BTW, you can’t get “addicted” to melatonin or CBD! It’s good for your body to sleep well, and if melatonin or CBD helps you sleep better than do your thang!

Run your diffuser!

I basically run my bedroom diffuser 24/7. I love the gentle smell it adds to the air, plus it gives it a bit of moisture too! For bedtime, I love to use lavender or eucalyptus oils—both oils are super relaxing for the body. Set your diffuser to run until it’s out, and it will be going all night!

Spray your pillows, girlfriend!

I’m sure you’re probably thinking ‘What the hell is she talking about!?’ But I’m serious. Head to Bath and Body Works and pick up some of their pillow mist. It’s amazing! Spray your pillows/sheets every night before bed, let it sit for ~5 minutes and it’ll work magic. This is my secret trick to sleeping so well!

Just a note, I’m obviously not a doctor. Though these are items and sleep remedies I recommend, they may not work for everyone!


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