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I’m so much happier in the summer… Don’t you notice that, too? Maybe it’s the 90 degree temps or the sunny Minneapolis days. I just find myself smiling so much more during these hot days! I’m also a huge fan of drinking an ice cold Coke on a sweltering day, but I’m always left with residue and stains on my teeth… Lately I’ve been using the Smile Brilliant T6 Whitening Kit and, I swear, I noticed a difference after my first day of whitening!

Okay, so I’ve tried whitening strips before but, um, hello uncomfortableness! They were so bad, so I was super hesitant when using Smile Brilliant. Plus, I always see those Instagram ads for whitening companies and I’m like does this really work? Oh, and I always see home whitening remedies, but I don’t like a mouth full of lemon juice. So I decided to give this Smile Brilliant kit a go, what was the worst that could happen?

The kit is super easy to work with. I mean, the hardest part is making your impressions.. It will definitely take you back to getting braces in the eighth grade, but a beautiful smile is worth it so back to those memories I went. You ship in your finished trays, receive a top and bottom retainer back, and start whitening.

Each T6 Kit includes six Whitening Gel syringes—enough for 24 straight days of whitening. It also includes six Desensitizing Gel syringes, to use after each whitening session. Here’s how to whiten: first you brush your teeth with just water, pop in your whitening trays for 45 minutes–3 hours, then brush with a non-whitening tooth paste and pop in your desensitizing trays for 20 minutes. It’s seriously that easy!

I personally noticed a *small* difference after the first session. But after my fifth session, people started saying how white my teeth looked. I kind of had a moment like, Oh sh*t, this Smile Brilliant Kit works! It was such an amazing feeling.

I’ve always been a little self conscious on how my smile looks, but I genuinely feel so much happier now that I have a glistening white smile. Like, it looks like a Hollywood smile y’all.

Enter to win a Smile Brilliant T3 Whitening Kit here and use my code HAILEYALMSTED15 for money off! 

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  1. Sunshine
    August 23, 2019 / 1:21 pm

    You are looking great and love that smile! Thanks for this post.

  2. August 23, 2019 / 2:23 pm

    I have been looking for a teeth whitening method that works for AGES. I tried so many home remedies but they made my teeth sensitive so I stopped. I even looked at getting strips but many people said they felt uncomfortable and made their teeth ache. This may be a good option

    Chelle |

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