Unpack Holiday Decor WITHOUT the Mess!

Happy holidays, friends! I’m so excited that Christmas and the New Year are just right around the corner, but I’m honestly dreading having to pull out all of my holiday decor just to put it away a month or two later…

With my Christmas tree and ornaments, candles and other decor, I have quite a few boxes of holiday decor that I need to pull out. Plus all of the decor I’ve bought this season! But honestly, finding the time and energy is so difficult! Luckily, I have some friends over at Relief Moving Company LLC and they have given me some tips and tricks to unpacking and repacking my holiday decor.

Color-code your boxes!

This seems like such an obvious tip, but the pros over at Relief Moving, a Minnesota-based moving company, recommend to color code your boxes! That way you can easily find all of the items you need—whether your Christmas tree and ornaments or the holiday village you set out yearly.

Another easy tip is to color code by season! Try using colored bins or colored tape to label your boxes. Use an orange bin or orange tape for fall decor, green for Christmas and the holidays, red for Valentine’s Day and spring, and blue for summer or the Fourth of July. If you are not into color-coding, be sure to label your boxes. Be super detailed (AKA put more than just “Christmas”) so that you know exactly what’s in each box. It will make unpacking so much easier!

Declutter your decorations

Going through your decorations year after year is such a great way to ensure that you’re not piling up a ton of different items over the years. I mean, who really wants to sort through boxes upon boxes of holiday decor? At the beginning of your decorating, pull everything out and hit it Marie Kondo style.

Make sure you can see everything and get rid of any decor pieces that are too old, you’re not loving or don’t match what you’re looking for. You will be surprised at how much you might discard.

Hire a mover

I totally get not having the time to head over to a storage locker to pull out all of your decorations—especially if you have kids or pets! If you’re needing to go to a storage unit or your parent’s house to get decor (thanks for always storing my stuff mom!), try hiring a mover for all of your commercial moving from Relief Moving, LLC. Personally, hiring someone to do the dirty work sounds like a dream come true. Grab a free price quote on their website!

Start with a clean area

It is going to be super challenging to unpack a bunch of holiday decor in a messy home or living room. Instead, be sure to clean your area before unpacking! And if you’re thinking of moving furniture around to make room for the Christmas tree or other decor, do that prior to unpacking all of your decor. Trust me, decorating will be so much easier when you don’t have a million and one things going on at one time!

Set a budget for new decor

I get it… The dollar section at Target is full of such good decorations! But try to refrain from buying every cute piece you see—after all, you most likely already have a bunch of things at home! Plus, purchasing a lot of small priced items can add up to a pretty large amount. I recommend setting a small budget (depending on how much you feel comfortable spending) for new holiday decor. Personally, I will be spending under $50 this year!

Shopping at affordable locations, such as Target, is a great option as well. While Pottery Barn and other high-end stores have super cute decor, sometimes it is better to buy affordable options instead of the pricier ones.

Lucky for us, unpacking holiday decor doesn’t have to be such a pain in the butt! Adam and Itzel Page, the owners of Relief Moving Company LLC, have amazing tips to unpack, plus they will take on the job of moving your items for you! With tons of different options, such as moving into a new luxury apartment or relocating your business, Relief Moving is there to help. They’re a dream to work with!

Be sure to follow all of these tips when unpacking your holiday decor. And let me know what other tips and tricks you have! Hiring a mover? Be sure to tell me below in the comments! Happy holidays, loves!


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